We reinvented the Solar water heater !

The world’s first connected, autonomous solar water heater. Apart from its autonomous features, it is the first solar water heater able to completely deter corrosion and lime scale. CoreOne is 20% more energy efficient than standard solar water heaters, and thanks to its autonomous capabilities, is able to identify leaks and malfunctions as they occur, allowing its users with far easier maintenance than standard solar water heaters


Main Features


Easy Installation & Maintenance

Other than picking up the phone and ordering CoreOne, the client is exempted from doing any further work.





Other than being automatically installed, CoreOne is designed to identify malfunctions and alert nearby technicians to come and repair it. Once a technician performs his job, CoreOne rates his performances by several criteria such as arrival time and job duration which is then used by CoreOne to evaluate whether he should be kept employed or not.


Autonomous Capabilities

Coreone's software is based on sophisticated algorithms with the sole purpose of learning the client's water usage patterns and lead to a more efficient power usage. CoreOne analyses the client's showering hours, showering duration and how much water is used per shower and, by doing so, it knows how much water to heat and when to heat.


Additional Features:
  • Integrated storage collector for maximum space saving

  • Automatic leak & malfunctions detection

  • Antifreeze mechanism keeps water temperature at a constant temperature of 5 degrees Celsius

  • Mobile app which allows the client to turn water heating on and off, set operating hours and control the water temperature & pressure from anywhere, anytime

  • Made of Polymer which prevents the formation of limescale and corrosion, thus increases power efficiency and reduces electric costs

  • Stores up to 150 liters of water

  • Able to provide hot water instantly


CoreONE Multi-Colour

In the colour of your roof tile 

Modular - Plug & Go


CoreONE DIGI.png

The next generation of Digital signage & Photovoltaic Solar Energy